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“I can’t believe that I’m giving a good review to someone that completely dismantled my home, but Preston was great. He answered every dumb question I had. He lowered my stress level and anxiety about the situation and made me feel that he was going to take good care of me so that I didn’t have to worry about anything.
My house is dry (ahead of schedule). Now onto the next stage of putting my house back together!
Thank you, Preston and PacWest, for the immediate response in coming out to assess my water damage and dry out my subflooring before any really serious damage was done. So far I’m very happy with my decision to hire you to help me with my problem. Keep up the great service!” – T Moon

“I could not be MORE IMPRESSED with Dave and the PacWest Team. They were friendly, flexible, reliable, and FAIR. I never had any doubt that they had MY best interest in mind.”Rafael M.

24 Hour Emergency Water Damage Restoration in Wilsonville OR


Property Owners face many risks to their investments, whether it is a home or a business. Though you can protect your financial assets with insurance coverage, there is no way to prevent accidents from happening and causing damage to the building and the spaces within.

Water damage is one risk that many homeowners and business owners face on a daily basis. There are a plethora of potential causes, from leaky pipes to natural disasters to drainage clogs. Most spaces within the building are not designed to deal with long exposure to moisture, making the potential for damage high when water collects in places that it shouldn’t.

Dealing with Water Damage

In some instances, accumulated water can be dealt with on your own if it is a minor incident. Maybe you have some pumping equipment to remove the water or other methods to extract moisture from where it does not belong. But when the job becomes too large for you to handle on your own, it is important to seek out professionals in the water damage restoration industry.

PacWest Restoration is Here for You

PacWest Restoration is a water damage restoration company in Wilsonville, OR, serving both residential and commercial clients throughout the Pacific Northwest. We provide 24-hour emergency water damage services for property owners dealing with fire, storm, and water damage in Wilsonville, OR, and the neighboring communities.

Our damage assessment specialists work closely with insurance companies to generate claims quickly, and our professional restoration & remodel crews are capable of delivering quick results on any size project.

Our water damage restoration specialists have years of experience in both residential and commercial property restoration & remodeling. We specialize in structural repairs, siding damage, roof damage, window repairs, plumbing leaks, flood cleanup, as well as interior and exterior water damage mitigation. We take pride in our excellent customer service, and we complete our work to the highest standards.

Wilsonville Water Damage Services

water damage cleanup - cabinet demo for water restoration

Serving Wilsonville and the surrounding area, PacWest Restoration is a water damage restoration company near you that repairs property damages caused by fire, water, and storms. Whether you have broken or leaky pipes, a sink overflow, toilet overflow, bathtub overflow, refrigerator, washing machine, water heater, or dishwasher failure, air conditioner leaks, sump pump failure, hardwood floor water damage, or crawlspace water damage, we provide property owners with immediate response, honest assessments, and professional workmanship.

No matter if you had a large loss from sudden storm damage, have some broken pipe water damage, or even just leaky pipe water damage, we work closely with insurance companies to quickly assess, clean, and repair damaged properties. When you need emergency water removal, we make it our mission to check your home from top to bottom to make sure that all excess water and moisture are eliminated.

What are Frequent Types of Water Damage?

Thousands of Americans deal with damage from water accumulation every day in their homes, offices, and commercial properties. Here are some of the most common types of damage that can occur in a building.

Frozen, Broken, and Burst Pipes

A frozen, broken, or leaky pipe are all inconveniences that can lead to major headaches for your home or business. Ignoring these repairs can be extremely costly as water damage can lead to an unstable structure and damage to your valuables.

What Causes Frozen Pipes?

Water pipe bursts are common in areas of extreme winter cold and high winds that drive the wind chill well below freezing temperatures. Wilsonville homes that are left vacant with no regulating of heat or poorly insulated walls can be a common culprit of frozen water pipes and frozen water lines in the winter time.

Broken pipes can also be a common cause of water damage, causing gallons of water to come flooding through your living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, and bathroom. Should you need any help with a burst or frozen pipe or are dealing with water or flood damage at all, give us a call today!

Sump Pump Failure and Sewage Cleanup

Sump pumps are designed to prevent flooding in the lower parts of the building such as the basement or ground-floor levels. A failure in this equipment can lead to a buildup of water in these locations.

When flood damage occurs, hazardous materials ranging from toxic waste to sewage run-off can enter the property. Damage accumulates quickly and can cause structural damage to the building. As part of our services, we can provide sewage backup cleanup and sewage removal.

Sewage damage can contain high amounts of harmful bacteria and there are serious health risks associated with it. You mustn’t try to clean up a mess from broken pipes that are connected to a sewage line. Only trained Wilsonville professionals with the right equipment should handle sewage damage cleanup.

Mold Growth

The development of mold often occurs after a space has experienced water accumulation. Mold tends to thrive in damp spaces, especially if they are not heavily trafficked. This growth will add bacteria to the air in the building, making it a health hazard that can cause respiratory problems for residents or visitors. Mold remediation is a practice meant to prevent this spread, and one which PacWest can implement to protect your property.

Structural Decay

Flood damage, a leaky pipe, and other types of water accumulation can cause structural issues in the building. In particular, flooring, drywall, wooden framework, and brick can break down or form cracks if left exposed to water for too long. This may compromise the strength of the building and cause collapse.


Some appliances and fixtures throughout the home or business location are designed to hold water. But when drainage systems are clogged or blocked by a buildup of debris, you could experience sink overflow, tub overflow, or toilet overflow.

When excess water spills into the room, you may need services like carpet cleaning, water removal, and flooring repairs. In this situation, you certainly need a quick response to prevent the water from soaking in and causing long-term damage.

Why PacWest Should Be Your First Call

If you are looking for the best water removal services in Wilsonville, look no further than PacWest Restoration. Our team does an amazing job because we are guided by several principles geared toward a positive customer experience.

Efficient Water Extraction Process

Our team has both the knowledge and the tools needed to quickly and effectively remove water from the spaces in your home or commercial property. Whether that means sewage cleanup, flood damage, overflow issues, or other damage restoration services, our team can do the job in a timely manner to protect your valuables and the building itself.

We’ll Take Your Call 24/7

A fast response is crucial to saving your home or business from further damage. Since that is the case, we keep our phone lines open at all hours of the day to ensure that water damage cleanup can begin as soon as possible. No matter when your emergency occurs, PacWest is waiting by the phone to discuss the situation and offer free estimates for a solution.

We Are Local and Family-Operated

When you hire PacWest for water cleanup services in Wilsonville, you are working with people who are invested in your community. Many of our customers are neighbors, and that is how we like to think of ourselves, as neighbors who can provide a helpful service to the community. Plus, we are family owned and operated, meaning we are built on trust. We bring that culture into every client relationship as well.

We Are With You Throughout the Water Cleanup Process

Water Damage Services Wilsonville OR

We will be with you through every part of the process including the water extraction, water restoration, and many other water removal services that are fitted to your situation. We use all available water mitigation services to give you the best residential or commercial property restoration.

Our experienced project managers consistently update you throughout the process and work with your insurance provider to ensure the efficient completion of the project. We strive to provide excellent customer service and the highest quality repairs.

We Have Decades of Experience in Water Damage Removal

At PacWest Restoration, our water damage repair technicians are trained to mitigate water and flood damages in a comprehensive manner. We have decades of experience in water damage cleanup and we will professionally restore your home or commercial building.

Mitigation is a key factor in the extent of water damage on your property. Proper drying procedures and restoration methods can make a substantial difference, and we have the experience and equipment necessary to tackle your water damage restoration Wilsonville project and restore your property.

Contact Us Today

Whether you need sewage cleanup, flooring repairs, mold remediation, or other water damage services, trust the experts at PacWest to do the job quickly and to do it right. Our customers have showered us with 5-star reviews, and we cannot wait to bring that level of quality to your doorstep.

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