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Fire Damage Repair in Portland & Beaverton

The aftermath of a fire is devastating, both physically and emotionally. Call on us, your fire damage restoration professionals in the Greater Portland area, to help set things right and get the past behind you. No matter how extensive the smoke and fire damage is, we have our time proven methods to remedy the multifaceted situation. No job is too big or small for us.

We have many decades of experience in fire damage repair in the Portland area and are eager to get to work on your project. After a brief inspection, we will be able to determine what can be repaired or restored and what will need to be replaced, while doing our best to keep your expenditures to an absolute minimum.

Once we have successfully addressed the flooring, carpeting, furniture, ceiling, walls, wood, and drywall; we will get to work deodorizing your property so that no hint of smoke smell lingers. We expect the best of our fire damage restoration technicians and we encourage you to do the same. We take great pride in our work and you can count on us to bring relief to your distressed property in the greater Portland area.

As is often the case, fire damage occurs in tandem with water damage, which we also have expertise in. We are absolutely ready and committed to solving all your restoration needs.

Call today at 503-442-9344 and we can be there in no time to help.


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