Find Out How Long It Takes For Water Damage To Ruin Your Home

How Fast Can Water Damage Ruin Your Home?

water extraction techniques in actionHave you ever been sitting at home, watching TV when you looked up and noticed an odd discoloration in the upper corner of the room? This stain might be from water damage. Often, your first thought may be “how long has it been there?” Water damage is a deeply concerning issue for homeowners, putting a massive financial burden on their shoulders if the damage is extensive.

When you discover signs of water damage, such as excess water, discolorations, mold growth, or peeling paint, the most important thing you can do to protect your investment is to act right away. Serious structural damage or other problems could occur if you ignore the problem, making the home unsafe to live in.

Consequences of Water Damage

When you discover pockets of standing water or excess moisture in your home, responding quickly is the best way to handle the problem. If you do not, there could be serious consequences.

Mold Growth

Mold spores thrive in dark and damp environments, so a home with water damage is a perfect atmosphere for the spread of mold. Mold will release contaminants into the air, potentially causing respiratory problems or other health hazards.

Serious Structural Damage

The building materials in your home are vulnerable to water damage in your home. Wooden doors, floors, drywall, framework, and other porous materials can absorb water easily. This puts them at risk of losing their structural integrity, eventually rotting or collapsing.

Unpleasant Odors

If left unchecked, water damage can leave a foul odor in the home. This could be the result of a backed-up sewer, contaminated water, rot, or other issues. If you want to preserve the fresh air in your home, water damage must be taken care of quickly.

Further Water Damage

Water damage can compound if left alone, leading to even more expensive repairs in the future. Water damage can spread rapidly throughout the home, causing adverse effects on additional building materials and personal belongings. Prevent this needless consequence by dealing with the problem after the first sign.

How Fast Water Damage Ruins Your Property

Depending on the type of water damage, where it occurs, and the materials nearby, excess water can ruin your home at different rates. You may be able to mitigate some of the issues if the problem is handled within a few days, though it could still be too late for some materials at that point.

Metal Surfaces

Though metal surfaces are not extremely porous, they are susceptible to oxidization when exposed to water. This is also called rust. Though rust may not show up for a few weeks if a metal is exposed to water, the process begins immediately. Even stainless steel surfaces are not immune to long-term exposure to water.

Wood Surfaces

Wood is extremely vulnerable to unwelcome water, and it certainly won’t take more than a week to ruin these materials. Everything from a wooden floor to your wooden bed is at risk of rot and compromised structural strength is exposed to water. Your hardwood floors could be irreparable after just several days if water damage is left untreated.


A drywall is another porous surface that can experience significant damage from contact with water. How much damage occurs will depend on if the restoration process was begun immediately or if it was delayed for days or weeks.


The carpet will absorb water right away. The fibers and padding will be soaked through in mere minutes after the water damage issue occurs. Fortunately, this material is a little easier to dry and if done so quickly, may not leave a foul odor behind.

Electrical Appliances

If water gets into contact with electrical systems, the damage can happen immediately. In the most extreme cases, a fire could start. The circuit breaker box, which is usually found in the basement, is particularly vulnerable to water damage since basements are often the first area affected by water damage.

The Solution is a Water Damage Restoration Professional

In most cases, unless the leaking water causes minimal damage to your home, you will need professional help restoring your property to its pre-loss condition. Working with a Portland water damage restoration company provides numerous benefits that will help preserve your building and possessions.

Thorough Water Extraction

Removing the water as quickly and effectively as possible is the top priority after broken pipes, sump pump failure or other issues cause water damage. Excess water stays where it is unless evaporated or removed, and restoration services can prevent more severe water damage with better equipment for inspection and extraction.

Better Service

Rather than going about this project on your own, a restoration company will provide high-quality service that ensures that water damage caused by the incident does not spread quickly. They are fully equipped to handle your project, and their work can protect you from severe structural issues, rotting walls, ruined furniture, and the spread of mold.

Drying Excess Water

Once most of the moisture is removed, there will still be materials in the structure that are wet. Drying these elements out is an important part of the repair process. This will help save your furniture, carpet, and other possessions from being ruined.


After water damages your home, you may need a repair job or two. Remodeling is a service offered by some water damage restoration companies to help return your property to its original state. Wood floors, broken pipelines, rotted walls, and other features may need to be replaced, and these services can do the job.

Contact Professional Help Before it’s Too Late

As mentioned before, it doesn’t take long for water damage caused by leaky pipes or other issues to ruin your home. It could be as little as a few weeks or even days. Your wooden floors, window frames, walls, and framework are at risk if you wait too long to deal with the issue.

Reach out to professional services as soon as possible when you discover water damage in your home. They can help with anything from extraction to carpet cleaning to mold removal, preventing potential health hazards and further structural damage to your property. Some may even offer upholstery cleaning services to restore your damaged furniture.

Get in touch with your insurance company to discuss your claim and figure out how a water damage restoration service can help you overcome the problem without wasting money on a poor end product.