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Water damage in your home is an issue that must be dealt with swiftly and thoroughly. If the water damage restoration is not completely thorough, it only takes a few drops of neglected water to lead to a full blown mold infestation. The air quality of a home is immediately compromised once water damage occurs and will continue to worsen until the situation is remedied, that’s where we come in! Our water damage restoration technicians, based in the greater Portland area, are expert professionals who will do the job in a timely and comprehensive manner. We won’t be happy until you are happy! It is of the utmost importance that you act as quickly as possible and contact us before any more damage can incur. The longer you wait once the damage has begun, the worse, and more expensive, it will get to properly clean up your property. We have several decades of experience in water damage restoration in the greater Portland area and are eager to get to work restoring your home, or place of business, back to a clean and healthy environment where you can feel relaxed and at home once again. No matter the cause (bad plumbing, a flood, a fire etc.) it is essential that you call us ASAP so that the damage currently being done to your home can be nipped in the bud. We have the experience and necessary equipment to tackle your water damage restoration project and restore your property back to it’s state before the calamity happened. Contact us today. Call today at 503-746-6545 and we can be there in no time to help. For more information on Water Damage Restoration visit HERE.


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